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Associazione Tutela Marroni di Castione

The Castione chestnut is a local ecotype (macrocarpa subspecies), which evolved on the basis of local ecological and pedoclimate conditions, and its adaptation to them. It is one of the main varieties that are grown in Trentino. Castione chestnuts have excellent organoleptic qualities, size and peelability.

Associazione Tutela Marroni di Castione has been active since the '90s, gathering most of the local producers and organising countless activities in Trentino and Italy. Classes, conferences, competitions, activities and events, held in  conjunction with the “Chestnut Festival” at the end of October. Many activities are aimed at safeguarding Castione's centuries-old chestnut tree grove. Chemicals are not used, thus guaranteeing a healthy, genuine product, in harmony with the environment.

I nostri prodotti:
Marroni, castagne , Liquore Marroncino di Castione ® , Miele di castagno, Zirele ai marroni, Zirele al miele di castagno, Birra al miele di castagno,

Inoltre l'associazione vende il Torymus sinesis (antagonista specifico per la lotta biologica al Cinipide del castagno)

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