Associazione Valorizzazione Antichi Vitigni della Valsugana
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Associazione Valorizzazione Antichi Vitigni della Valsugana

The red and rosé “Pavana dei Sicconi” wine is the joint result of the willingness and sensibility put in place by a group of Valsugana farmers associated with each other and the support and assistance of the European project l.e.a.d.e.r. plus.

The work of these two subjects gave rise, first experimentally and later in its more advanced phase, to the production of Pavana, a wine that has recovered and bred new life into a historical vine for Valsugana. The vine, once particularly popular with productions that reached almost 80,000 quintals, is now almost abandoned and partly superseded by other vines considered more "noble".

The Pavana dei Sicconi wine, as authentic expression of the territory, thus assumes a role and meaning that transcends simple oenological production. Its scents and aromas can become an instrument to tell of the territory, its historical events and to witness the authentic culture and values ​​of an entire valley.