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Km8 Brewery

Km8 is a small craft brewery born in July 2016.

The name is due to the fact that the Brewery is located near the km 8 of the Provincial Road n. 73 of Val di Non. 
We produce high fermentation beer, unfiltered and unpasteurized, made with selected ingredients, possibly from our territory and the mountain of Trentino, as in the case of fruit beers and elder flowers; in some particular beers, moreover, we use hops cultivated in Val di Non. 

The production

With a capacity of only 150 liters, our brewery is the smallest in Trentino. Therefore, the production is currently very limited, that's why we are having fun experimenting with various styles of beer. 

Styles and beers

After experimenting with various styles and recipes, we are currently focusing on six beers:

Highway to Helles”: helles - 4.3 abv

"Heart of Glass": Blonde Ale - 4.8 abv

"Bitter Fruit": American IPA - 6.5 abv

"Red Flag Day": Irish Red Ale - 4.5 abv

Yin”: black IPA - 6.5 abv

Yang”: white IPA - 4.5 abv

However, some seasonal beers remain:

"In Bloom" flower Beer with elderberry flowers;

Petiz” ginger session ale 2,5 abv flavored with Ginger;

"Heroes" IGA with Groppello di Revò must.

In addition, we developed our new Italian Grape Ale line, using wine must in the fermentation of the beer.

We've tried to use vines grown in Trentino, so in addition to the Groppello di Revò from El Zeremia winery, this year we added a Lagrein and a Muller Thurgau from the Cembra Valley. To differentiate this production, we are using an elegant bottle, with a recognizable and characteristic label.

All our beers can be tasted on tap at the Brewpub in Cunevo in Val di Non.

Take the time to visit us won't regret it!

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