Buon per te
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Buon per te

from Val di Fiemme, lactose free

Stemming from the continuing research of the cheese makers of the CaseificioSocialedella Val di Fiemme dairy, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the newborn Buon Per Te, the first Val di Fiemme cheese without lactose.
The cheese weighs about 800 grams and features a short aging period (about 15-20 days), light-coloured and soft texture, a sweet but aromatic taste.
Fruit of in-depth study and research by the head of the cheese-makers’ team, Paolo Campi, Buon Per Te is quite sweet, for all palates, perfect for the table or as ingredient in all kinds of recipes.
Now, lactose intolerant people too have a reason to visit the Dairy and can enjoy the cheese-making tradition of this lovely valley.