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The haymaking cheese

“Monteson” is an ancient Val di Non dialect term that indicates the haymaking season. During the long days dedicated to this hard work, farmers used to take cows and goats with them up into the mountains. The milk they gave was used on site to make this special cheese. Excellent accompanied with honey, jams or composite dishes. 
FEATURES: semi-hard, semi-cooked paste, cylindrical shape. 
RAW MATERIALS: milk from cows fed with hay or pasture, salt and kid goat rennet.
PROCESSING: made by blending the milk obtained in the evening and left to rest for 12 hours with the milk of the morning. Skimming occurs by natural surfacing. During the warming phase, natural ferments may be added to the milk. Once the temperature of 31°C is slowly reached, the kid rennet is added. The curd, left to harden for about half an hour, is then broken up, cooked and left to deposit. The cheese is then left to marinate in brine before being aged for about 60 days.