Nostrano e Primo Fiore Monte Baldo
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Nostrano and Primo Fiore del Monte Baldo

The history of the Monte Baldo cheese goes back centuries, always closely tied to its terroir.
The peculiarities of this cheese lie in the quality of the milk that, produced by Bruna or Pezzata Nera cow breeds, abounds in aromas and fragrances. Indeed, the pastures on Mount Baldo grow a highly varied assortment of Mediterranean flora thanks to the mild climate of nearby Lake Garda. The significant nutritional qualities of the spontaneous herbs and flowers and therefore the presence of carotene generate highly fragrant and typically yellowish milk. The milk is partially skimmed. After specific pressing and salting phases, the cheese is aged for a minimum of 7 months up to a maximum of 4 years.
The ‘Primo Fiore’ type of Monte Baldo is produced using mountain farm (malga) milk obtained during the summer pasture period.