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Pagnotta della Valle dei Laghi

The Tecchiolli “loaf” is the final product of the short production and distribution chain of Valle dei Laghi, a project born in 2012 with the aim of restoring wheat cultivation to our valley for the production of bread and other “0Km” products.
In Valle dei Laghi, “short production and distribution chain” for bread means enhancement and sustainability of the territory, direct control of production steps, and a unique product. After summer harvesting, we receive the grain directly from the valley farmers, and grind it in our stone mill. We obtain Type 1 flour, namely, a very balanced semi-whole wheat flour in which germ (the noble part of the grain) and bran are not discarded.
As the first example in Trentino which identifies bread as the protagonist of the restoration of tradition through the involvement of the local community, the “Valle dei Laghi loaf” received a “special mention” by the jury of the “Premio Artigiano 2015” (Artisan Award 2015) of the Autonomous Province of Trento.
We wanted to call it “loaf” (pagnotta) for its round shape, but also to evoke the past, since ancient flavors and procedures are at the basis of the productive philosophy we follow in bread making. Starting from a deliberately “poor” recipe, with high-quality raw flour and natural yeast, we obtain a product with unmistakable taste and smell, enhanced by baking in a stone oven. The color of the crust and the softness and compactness of the crumb are features derived from the flour used, which is hardly refined and low in gluten content.
The olfactory test reveals the scent of the grain with a slight toasted touch, a peculiarity you can taste along with a very mild acid note.