Renetta Canada D.O.P.
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Renetta Canada D.O.P.

One of the more ancient varieties

Renetta Canada, Rennet in English, is of ancient French origin and one of the most ancient varieties in the world. It arrived with all of its goodness in Europe in the 17th century and in Val di Non just two centuries ago where it prospered thanks to the ideal habitat it found there. This is the apple used to prepare the famous Apple Strudel. Incomparable when cooked, it is also one of the best varieties for making juices and distillates.

Colour: dull yellow, tending towards green.

Special features: “grainy”, a more or less intense roughness on the fruit’s skin surface, indicating best quality.

Shape: spherical and stocky, slightly flattened and irregular.

Flesh: white, soft and pasty.

Taste: very particular, refined, tasty and aromatic, acidulous and not too sweet.

Harvested: between September 10th and 30th.

Shelf life: from end of September to May.

Suggestions: ideal for cooking. Perfect for strudel, apple cakes and fritters. It is appreciated raw only by true connoisseurs but it is certainly the most genuine, rich in antioxidants and very healthy.