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Apple Cider

The Apple Cider made from tasty and healthy Trentino apples is a lightly alcoholic beverage that can be used in many ways: as an aperitif, throughout the meal or as an accompaniment for dessert.
The disciplined fermentation of the pressed product and its submission to the sparkling process in autoclave blend with the skill of the artisan to generate a taste that is surprising to us Italians, although it is a highly popular product throughout the world and especially in the Celtic countries of Northern Europe.
History of Apple Cider
It all began in the green estates of the Asturias and of Brittany where the first records tell of the appearance and diffusion of the amber-coloured beverage sung by epic poems and heroic ballads. Even the great Julius Caesar on one of his voyages to conquer new lands, once in Britain was seduced by the frizzy, thirst-quenching and inebriating taste of Apple Cider, to the point where he spread it throughout Europe where it remained one of the most popular beverages for a very long time.
In Italy, in the mid 20th century, Mussolini imposed the use of wine over any other alcoholic drink, causing a momentary and unpopular setting aside of Apple Cider, an event that slowed down its diffusion.
Now that we have rediscovered it, perfected it and submitted to the sparkling process in autoclave to meet the taste of Italians, according to an ancient and almost forgotten custom, Apple Cider has become a mundane phenomenon whose acclaim is spreading  thanks to its tasty flavour, surrounded by the unmistakable aroma of novelty and of the pleasure of being able to drink healthy bubbles.
So why not celebrate the best mixture of tradition and innovation by matching it with the need to eat in a natural, genuine and tasty way?