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It is produced using Nosiola grapes, a prized and exclusive variety to this land. Only the loose straggly clusters are selected, that is the bunches with large, distanced berries and sufficiently ripe to ensure a high sugar content.
While the grapes are left to dry on racks, noble rot (Botrtytis cinerea) will further improve its organoleptic qualities.
The combined action of time, air and noble rot on the grapes result in a 50 to 80% weight loss: this means that with 100 kg of fresh grapes, only 15-18 litres of must is obtained for making Vino Santo. A few days after crushing the grapes, the must is separated from the sediment, decanted and racked into small oak barrels. Here natural fermentations begin, which will progress very slowly because of the high sugar content.
The wine is aged for a minimum of 50 months and the annual production of Trentino DOC Vino Santo is generally not over 50 thousand bottles per year.
Tasting notes
Pleasantly sweet with a balanced range of sensations that finish with a velvety note.
Intense and generous notes of raisins, over-ripe fruit (dates and dried figs).
Serving temperature
12 °C
Food and wine pairings
Popular tradition has always considered this wine to have therapeutic invigorating properties. It is especially recommended to go with almond-based desserts and zelten, a local cake made with dried and candied fruit, nuts and raisins. Superb also with blue cheese.

Source: Palazzo Roccabruna - Enoteca Provinciale del Trentino