Focaccia ai fiori e santoreggia
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Flowers and Savory Focaccia

Flowers and Savory Focaccia Bread recipe


500 g farina 0
1 patata bollita
350/400 ml acqua tiepida
10 g lievito fresco
12.5 g sale
5 g zucchero 
Santoreggia essiccata qb 
Fiori misti essiccati qb

Tip the flour into a large mixing bowl add the crumbled mixed flowers, the savory and the mashed potato, mix all of it together. 
Separately, dissolve the yeast in the water with the sugar and then start to knead it all together.
Towards the end add the salt.
Knead it all for 5/7 minutes and then set it aside to rise for 2 hours in a rectangle oven dish. 
Inform at 170 degrees for about 20/30 minutes.
This recipe has been created and produced by Azienda Agricola Barbugli Elio, Marzia Barbugli Agrichef of Campagna Amica