Gnocchi di Molche
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Potato dumplings with “Molche”

First course



1 kg patate sbucciate
150 gr molche
400 gr farina bianca
2 uova intere
1 scalogno
1 spicchio d’aglio
100 gr pasta di lucanica
Olio extra vergine di oliva DOP Garda Trentino
Sale e pepe qb

Boil the potatoes in salted water, let cool and mash with a vegetable mill or food processor, add flour, eggs, a pinch of salt and the purée of olives and blend well.  Make small bean-shaped dumplings and boil quickly in salted water. Sauté the shallot, add chopped garlic, sausage paste, chopped cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper.
Simmer a few minutes, add chopped basil, and stir in the gnocchi. Plate with a trickle of Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of grated Trentingrana cheese. 
Try a cool flute of Schiava wine.
Recipe offered by chef Marcello Franceschi of the restaurant “Ristorante al Forte Alto” in Nago - Torbole.