I Grostoli di Carnevale
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Mardi Gras fried pastry




- 300 g di farina
- 2 uova
- Un pizzico di sale
- 2 cucchiai d'olio extravergine di oliva
- 2 cucchiai di zucchero
- 1/2 bustina di lievito per dolci
- 2 cucchiai di vino bianco
- 2 cucchiai di grappa
- zucchero a velo

Prepare the dough using all the ingredients: we used a food processor for convenience.
Let the dough rest for a few minutes.
Lightly flour the dough and roll out to 2 mm thickness.
Cut the dough using the special pastry cutter. 
Fry the “grostoli” in boiling oil until golden brown. 
After they are drained and cool, dust with powdered sugar... and…enjoy!!