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Delicious traditional dessert



1 Kg di farina 0

140g di burro trentino

100g di zucchero

6 uova (3 intere e 3 tuorli)

un pizzico di sale


50g di lievito per dolci

2 cucchiai di farina

2 cucchiai di zucchero

Latte caldo q.b.


Confettura di albicocche / Cioccolato / Crema pasticcera

Zucchero a velo per decorare

Before you begin, make sure the working environment is always warm and the ingredients are at room temperature to facilitate the leavening process.

First of all (about an hour before you start), prepare the leavening agent by putting the flour, sugar and yeast in a bowl. Add hot milk (at approx. 35° C) little by little and mix until you obtain a smooth mix. Cover with a dish towel and place in the oven preheated at 50° C until it has risen well.

For the Krapfen mix, blend the melted butter, the sugar, eggs, flour and salt in a large bowl. If necessary, add some milk to make the mix smooth and workable. Finally add the yeast, continuing to knead. Immerse the bowl in the wash basin, filled with hot water: it is essential to keep the dough warm to prepare this sweet.

Let the leaven dough in the bowl (covered with a clean cloth) placed in the oven at 50° C, until it doubles its size.

Lay out some clean towels and sprinkle them with flour. Carefully take a little dough and gently (so as not to let escape the air builtin with the first leavening process) make balls, all of the same size, a little bit bigger than golf balls. Place the dough balls on the towels sprinkled with flour, cover with another towel and let leaven until the dough again doubles its size.

For cooking: brush with melted butter and bake in the oven at 180° C until golden, or fry in abundant seed oil (or frying fat) with the top facing down, making sure that the pan is covered with a lid while the dough balls are cooking; turn the Krapfen and finish cooking (total cooking time about 7 minutes).

Drain the Krapfen on absorbent kitchen paper and fill them with chocolate melted in bainmarie with butter, or with jam or custard, using a piping bag.

Before serving, sprinkle with plenty of powder sugar.

Recipe by Aurora Brunel - Agritur Ciasa dò Parè