Minestra da Orz alla Trentina
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Trentino style Barley Soup

First course


Per 6 persone:

  • 5 etti di orzo perlato
  • 3 carote
  • 2 patate grosse
  • brodo vegetale
  • burro - sale

In order to cook the barley, it needs to absorb water. It must be soaked in water for at least six hours.  
Sauté the diced carrots and potatoes in a tablespoonful of melted butter in a low, wide saucepan, add a ladleful of water, or better yet, vegetable broth. 
Simmer for a few minutes, add the drained barley and sauté for a minute or so.
Cover with broth. Cook slowly and, as an option – add some fresh bacon to add a characteristic touch to the soup. 
Be generous in your portions of barley. The “Minestra da Orz” improves with age and is even better warmed up a few days later!