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Roses of Apples



- 1 rotolo di pasta sfoglia rettangolare
- 1 mela Gala Melinda Val Di Non
- Confettura di pesche 
- Cannella
- Un cucchiaino di zucchero di canna
- Limone
- Zucchero a velo

Wash the apple, cut in half and remove the core and end pieces, without peeling and cut into very thin slices. Put the slices on a plate and sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice. Unroll the puff pastry and divide into 6 strips, brush the first strip with the jam and sprinkle with cinnamon, put the apple slices on the end of the strip of pastry, overlapping slightly. Fold the other end of the pastry over the apples, curl it around to a rose shape. Follow the same procedure with the other 5 strips of pastry.  Set the roses on a baking tin lined with parchment paper. 
Bake in pre-heated oven at 170° for about 30/35 min.  When baked they should be a nice golden brown colour. Let them cool and serve after sprinkling with powdered sugar.