Torta di grano saraceno con confettura di mirtillo rosso
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Buckwheat cake with red cranberry preserve

Buckwheat cake with red cranberry preserve


250 gr burro morbido
250 gr zucchero
6 uova
250 gr farina di grano saraceno
250 gr mandorle macinate
1 bustina zucchero vanigliato
confettura di mirtilli rossi


Cream the butter with 150 g of sugar and the egg yolks. Stir in the flour, the almonds and the vanilla sugar. Whisk the egg whites until semi-stiff, add the remaining sugar and continue whisking until the mixture is very stiff.

Carefully fold it into the flour mixture, then pour the resulting mixture into a spring cake mould previously lined with butter and flour. Cook at 180°C for about 1 hour.

Allow the cake to cool, then cut it horizontally into two layers and fill with red cranberry preserve.

Serve with a dusting of icing sugar and whipped cream.

Recipe created and made by

Renato Ramus - Ramus Artisan pastry (Cles); matched with the apple and redcurrant juice by Gustonatura



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