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Hosteria Toblino

Hosteria Toblino is a meeting point and space for conviviality to combine good food to the right price.

Typical Trentino inn, but not only, the facility operates a well-stocked selling point with a good selection of gourmet specialties selected from Slow food products, as well as from the Trentino Wine and Flavour Route. It also includes wine bars and guided tastings, wine cellar & grappa bars, selling point of Cantina Toblino wines and a wine restaurant.

Products can be enjoyed and purchased directly: the staff is at your disposal to guide you in tasting sessions, introducing you to the best products in various combinations. The restaurant features a wide range of food products, not just from Trentino, which have been certified and selected in cooperation with  various manufacturers, in order to guarantee the highest attention to the quality of raw ingredients.

Orario di apertura:
Hosteria Toblino, rispettando le regole imposte dal decreto legislativo del 9 marzo 2020, avrà i seguenti orari di apertura al pubblico:
Dal lunedì al sabato dalle 11:00 alle 15:00
Il servizio bar è sospeso.

Giorno di chiusura:
Domenica sera e lunedì