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Antica Erboristeria Dott. Cappelletti

Elisir Novasalus, Amaro Trentino, Amaro Sfumato with Rhubarb, Elisir dello Speziale, Grappa Cadevita Riserva, single varieties Selezione Claudia Particella, J.P.Clesio, flavoured grappas, Prezioso Mirtillo, Cappelletti Aperitivo “il_Specialino” and Gino aperitivo Trentino, and, for the cold season, Vin Brule’ Bacchus, Punch and Bombardino.

Trentino company, founded in 1906 on the slopes of the Dolomites, which is today at its 4th generation, with siblings Luigi and Maddalena Cappelletti at the helm.

Antica Erboristeria dott. Cappelletti has always been a family-owned business producing bitter liqueurs with medicinal plants, as well as flowers and roots of Trentino mountains, guardian of secret recipes prepared by old herbalists, though attentive to new trends and new market demands, so much so that modern steel tanks operate alongside old manual torches.

The synergy between artisan traditions and new techniques allows the production of high quality products thanks to the search for natural raw ingredients: herbs of our mountains and juices of our land to preserve the true and genuine flavours of the past.

In the bitter liqueurs, we blend our knowledge of medicinal plants with the flavour of the Trentino mountains, in liqueurs, of juices of our land and in grappas only selected quality grapes.

Grappe e distillati, tra cui:

  • Grappe trentine
  • Elisir Novasalus – amaro
  • Amaro trentino
  • Liquori alla frutta


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