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In the heart of Trentino, along the road that goes from Trento to Riva del Garda, in a charming valley surrounded by ancient castles and graceful lakes, is Santa Massenza, a small village that has always been linked to ancient wine-making and distillation traditions. From the fields located in areas particularly suitable for vine cultivation, thanks to mild weather conditions and sun exposure with delicate ventilation and soil of various composition, we obtain precious grapes that, skilfully vinified and distilled, produce our wines and grappas.

Grappe e distillati, tra cui:

Grappa trentina, grappa di Cabernet, grappa di Chardonnay, grappa di Marzemino, grappa di Moscato, grappa di Müller Thurgau, grappa di Nosiola, grappa di Teroldego, grappa di Stravecchia, grappa di Asperula, grappa di Ruta.

Distillati di frutta: distillato di albicocche, distillato di mele, distillato di pere, distillato di prugne, distillato di uva.

Liquori a base di grappa: caffè, limone, mirtillo, mugo e nocino

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