Carne salada
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Carne salada

‘Carne salada’ (salted meat) dates back to the early 18th century and derives from the need to preserve meat. Back then all of the pieces of beef to be preserved for a long time and consumed during the long winter period were brined.
Each single piece is dry-coated with a mixture of salt and spices and then placed in large containers for about twenty days. The liquid that the meat leaks during this phase and that ends up covering it completely is the brine.
Carne salada from Alto Garda and Ledro in 2015 obtained De.Co. - Denominazione di OrigineComunale (Municipal Denomination of Origin); it is the first traditional product to obtain this important certification. 
A real specialty is the one made from GrigioAlpina beef, now a Slow Food Presidium.
Carne salada can be enjoyed raw, thinly sliced and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. It is also excellent lightly scalded on a hotplate and served accompanied by a hot plate of pinto beans poached “enbronzom”.
Several butcheries produce it gluten-free.