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Trentino High Mountain Honey

Trentino’s mountain honeys – depositories of the scents and flowers of the Dolomites.

Miele Trentino d'Alta Montagna (Trentino High Mountain Honey)
A double-natured product: animal and vegetal, a blend that constitutes one of the best natural foods the peculiar properties of which are linked to the type of flora the bees collected from and thus the territory of provenance. 
As a veritable custodian of the scents and flowers of the Dolomites, the honey made in these mountains has unmistakable properties, the quintessence of the plants of meadows, pastures and forests.
Because of its authenticity, its availability can vary according to the climatic and environmental conditions.
Miele Millefiorid'AltaMontagna (high mountain honey from one thousand flowers)
The main variety is the Millefiorid'altamontagna, that differs from batch to batch but always delivering intense fragrance and flavour.
Rhododendron Honey
A rarity, this honey is delicate, light and clear coloured, and produced only at high altitudes.
Fir Honeydew
An unrenounceable delicacy is the Fir Honeydew with its amber colours and sometimes balsamic taste, a cure-all when melted in warm milk!