Mortandèla affumicata della Val di Non
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Mortandèla affumicata della Val di Non

Val di Non’s typical cold meat

The curiously meatball-shaped and lightly smoked Mortandèla is typical of Val di Non. Manually produced according to traditional recipes by a handful of specialised butchers, its size varies according to the size of the hands that made it.
In the past, on the occasion of the All Saints’ Fair (1 November), every family of the valley bought a baby pig that was then fed for about 12 months with potatoes, bran, vegetables and hay. The resulting meat was then used to make smoked Mortandèla.
Features: slightly smoked pork cold meat, very dark brown in colour.
Raw materials: pork shoulder, belly and thigh.
Process: the meat is deboned, defatted, minced and then mixed with spices. The resulting paste is used to make meatballs weighing about 200 g each. They are not stuffed into gut but left to dry and then smoked for about one week.
Suggestions: this fresh, rustic and popular product can be enjoyed raw or cooked with polenta, potatoes and vegetables. It goes perfectly with "i tortèi" or with "torta de patate", typical local dishes of the Route area. Excellent wine pairing with Groppello di Revò.