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Both yellow Moscato and pink Moscato produce extremely singular and acclaimed wines. Yellow Moscato is typically Trentino and is processed in both the dry and the sweet versions, while the pink one is used to produce the sweet or semi-sweet (amabile) versions.
The yellow Moscato variety cultivated in Alta Vallagarina, thanks to the pedoclimatic specificities, produces grape clusters of very high quality. The colour of the wine is straw yellow with golden hues.
In recent years the Moscato Castel BesenoSuperiore type has been created, based on the drying of a part of the grapes on the plant. The process results in a well-rounded dessert wine ideal for accompanying fresh cheeses and confectionery.
Pink Moscato (Moscato Rosa), whose name is linked to the Tea Rose, acquires harmonious and intriguing “sweet non-sweet” sensations.

Tasting notes
Deep yellow, sometimes golden yellow the Yellow; from ruby to garnet red with amber hues the Pink.
Aromatic, typical of muscatel wines with hints of clary sage the Yellow; intense, typically aromatic, generous, with hints of rose and spices the Pink.
Balanced and harmonious structure, dry, semi-sweet or sweet the Yellow; especially round the Pink.
Food and wine pairing
The Moscato Yellow in the dry version is an excellent aperitif; both wines in the sweet version are classical dessert wines; they are best matched with typical Trentino desserts such as Zelten and Strudel.
Serving temperature
12° C. the Yellow Moscato 
14° C. the Pink Moscato.