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The art of bread-making, a trade that has existed for thousands of years, is such an essential part of our territory that it is a constant feature of local culture and popular custom. Bread, the king of foods in our collective imagination, is a product that abounds in flavours and fragrances that are strongly rooted in each individual’s memory.
This food has changed through the centuries to adapt to the customs and places in which it was made and eaten. In our province, the rules regarding the production of bread are collected in the ancient bylaws of Trento dated 1183, when Trentino bakers were called ‘pistori’.
Today, the production techniques and methods have evolved, but fresh Trentino bread has never stopped being the fruit of the work of skilled – and invariably flour-dusted – hands of our bakers. It is they who dose the ingredients to bring out the characteristic flavour, crunchiness and consistency of our many types of fresh bread. It is they who provide each piece with the nuances and details that can only be had through traditional processing. The work of the bakers is irreplaceable, and today as yesterday they go on repeating, day after day, what the collective imagination considers to be almost a ritual.