La guancia di vitello e i profumi del Teroldego
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Veal cheek with Teroldego flavours



1600 gr guance di vitello
50 gr lamponi disidratati
50 gr riduzione di vino Teroldego
5 gr pepe nero
1 gr chiodi di garofano
10 gr cioccolato fondente extra Guanaja di Valrhona
2 gr chicchi di caffè
800 gr broccoletto violetto
50 gr scalogno
Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva
80 gr zucchero di canna
4 tuorli d’uovo
200 gr passito di Teroldego


Slightly degrease and wash the veal cheeks, put them in a vacuum cooking bag, add the raspberries, the wine reduction, the spices, the chocolate and a light coffee infusion, and vacuum-cook for 12 hours at 60°C.
For the side dish, sauté the shallot in the olive oil, add the washed, cut cauliflowers, bathe with water and cook. Blend all and season with salt, pepper and olive oil. Make a zabaglione with egg yolks, the Teroldego passito and the brown sugar, cook at 85°C using bain-marie method, place in a siphon and keep warm. 
Assemble the dish using a pastry bag to make cauliflower purée rosettes, top with the cheek cut in squares, garnish with the Teroldego zabaglione and the aromatic elements cooked in the vacuum bag.  

Brief Description 

This dish was created after a wine-tasting session featuring Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva Clesuræ wine.  The dynamics of this dish is to use ingredients like the wine reduction to re-invoke aromatic elements lost in their original or concentrated form, in this case to remind you of blackberry jam, dried blackberries, coffee infusion and chocolate reminiscent of the toasty, spicy taste of the wine ageing barrels. The slow, vacuum-cooking of the meat concentrates the essence and aroma of wine, guaranteeing a soft, tender meat preserving all its nutritional properties. To revisit a renowned dish like the “bollito” (boiled meat) we opted for a slightly sweet-sour sauce, that is a zabaglione made with Teroldego sweet wine, reminding us of the traditional pickled fruit (mostarda) served with boiled meat. The cauliflower purée adds an intense note of colour as well as being creamy and soft.  

Recipe presented at the “Chef on the Road” Contest during the Festival del Vino Trentino (Trentino Wine Festival), created by chef Marco Bortolotti of the ‘Vecchia Segheria’ restaurant