Teroldego Rotaliano
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Teroldego Rotaliano

The noblest wine of Trentino, its existence has been recorded in the Piana Rotaliana since 1300. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) was the first occasion where Teroldego gained its international fame.
Today it is the showcase wine of our province: the first varietal D.O.C in Trentino to be awarded the geographic designation “Rotaliano” (1971), it is the unquestioned pride of the local viticultural sector.
As tradition wants, the grape variety “Terodol”, referred to in ancient manuscripts, came to Trentino in the distant past together with the mulberry tree (used for centuries as support for vine plants), brought by migrating populations that had moved to these lands drawn by the wild waters of the Adige river and the fertile lands of the valley floors. The mild and favourable climate was the ideal habitat for this variety and facilitated its spread. With time, it became a native variety to Trentino.
With its dark red colour and garnet highlights, Teroldego seduces with its ripe fruit fragrances that call to mind wild blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. An irresistible taste, strong, powerful, almost meaty, coupled to a pervasive structure, solid and dense, makes this wine a perfect match for local Trentino dishes: red meat, cured-meats and very mature cheese.
Today the production of Teroldego is rapidly increasing due to the great interest shown by passionate consumers.

Tasting notes
Deep, dark, rich and bright red with garnet highlights and a silky, intriguing intensity.
Intense and varied ripe fruit fragrances that call to mind wild blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Added to these there are classic earthy notes as well as suggestions of black truffles and leather, especially in the Teroldego selections suited for laying down.
Delicate as much as it is powerful, its smoothness and concentration are splendidly balanced. A complex range of flavours evokes balsamic fragrances, specific to this variety. It has a definite and dense structure and a quite satisfying finish.
Serving temperature
16° - 18° C if young
Food and wine pairings
If still young, a year or so old, it suits simple convivial occasions with rural dishes, local cured-meats or soups. If aged correctly, it is excellent with game, roasted meat or very mature mountain cheese. It is also a superb nectar for great occasions, to be sipped like a meditation wine.

Source: Palazzo Roccabruna - Enoteca Provinciale del Trentino