Puzzone di Moena DOP
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Puzzone di Moena DOP

Washed rind cheese

This DOP cheese is aged for at least 90 days. It is made from the raw milk coming from the municipalities of Moena and Predazzo, and its typical aroma fascinates pundits and connoisseurs alike: the initial pungent notes give way to the hints of pasture, grass and ripe fruit, with touches of toasted hazelnut.
Tradition dictates that, during aging, the cheeses are ‘washed’ by hand by the cheese makers with warm water to favour the formation of a waterproof layer, inside which develop entirely characteristic smells and aromas.
The Malga version, produced in summer with the raw milk coming from the mountain pastures, is also a Slow Food Presidium. 
Cooperative Dairy of Predazzo and Moena
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