Frittelle di Puzzone e saraceno
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Puzzone cheese and Buckwheat flour fritters

gustose e fragranti


  • 1/2 litro di latte
  • 1 uovo
  • 1 bicchierino di grappa Trentina
  • 100 gr di farina bianca
  • 270 gr di farina saracena
  • sale
  • Puzzone di Moena

Obtain a rather thick batter by mixing: ½ litre of milk, 1 whole egg, 1 shot of grappa, 100 g of white flour, 270 g of buckwheat flour, salt to taste. Mix cubes of Puzzone cheese into this mixture and then fry them in hot oil until they are nicely golden brown.
Serve with white cabbage salad.