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only with mountain milk

Back in 1926, the encounter of a dairyman of Rumo with a girl from Mantua set the beginning of the story of this cheese that, in its set of procedures, reflects all of the attention Trentino pays to the quality of cheese making, such as to guarantee its D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) classification.
The climate, the healthy environment, the excellent mountain forage, the exclusion of any kind of silage or genetically modified feed, the presence of small and medium-sized family run farms, allow us even today to have excellent quality milk and to produce, in various areas of Trentino, a Grana cheese that stands out for its salubriousness, taste and aroma, as well as for the fact that raw milk is used to make it.
Renowned for its unique flavour and for its nutritional properties, it is also available in a ‘malga’ version (i.e. produced only with milk from summer mountain pasture grazing) and of various ripening ages: 18, 24, and in some periods even 36 months.