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Saint Lucy’s Little Donkey



1 kg farina di grano tenero tipo “0”
160 gr zucchero
390 gr latte
150 gr burro 
6 uova intere
6 tuorli d’uovo
30 gr lievito di birra
10 gr sale
2 gr vanillina
la buccia di un limone grattugiato
4 ciliegie candite

Dosi per n. 4 pezzi 

Mix 500 g of flour with 200 g of milk, 6 whole eggs, 40 g of sugar, 50 g of butter and 30 g of brewer’s yeast (previously dissolved in a bit of warm milk and a tablespoon of sugar). Knead until the dough is smooth and elastic.
Allow the dough to proof, covered by a cloth, for about 2 hours (its volume should increase threefold).
Add to the initial dough the rest of the flour, of the sugar and of the milk, the 6 egg yolks, the salt, the vanilla and the lemon peel. As soon as the dough starts becoming smooth and elastic, gradually add the rest of the soft butter and knead until the butter has blended well with the rest. The resulting dough must be smooth, elastic, soft but not sticky.
Let the covered dough proof for 1 hour, then roll it out on a flat surface until it is 1.5 cm thick. With a sharp knife cut out the donkey  shapes or place the dough in a donkey-shaped mould and place the donkey shapes on a cookie tin.
Allow them to proof for at least 2 hours (they should double in volume), then brush the whole surface with a beaten egg and place a candied cherry where the donkey’s eye should be.
Bake in a ventilated oven at 190°C for 20 minutes.

Matched with
a glass of Cà dei Baghi pear juice
And to make it more delicious, enjoy the dessert with blueberry jam of Azienda agricola Ai Masi 

Recipe created and made by:
Stefano Sosi - Panificio Sosi (Trento)

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