Filetto di cervo cotto con gemme di abete bianco su finferle con salsa di uva marzemina e polenta di patate
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Fillet of deer cooked with fir buds on finferle mushrooms with marzemina grape sauce and potato polenta

Main courses and side dishes


Ingredienti per la preparazione delle finferle:
100 gr finferle; 
5 gr prezzemolo tritato; 
5 gr cipolla tritata; 
5 gr olio extravergine di oliva del Garda trentino;
sale e pepe qb

Ingredienti per il filetto di cervo (6 persone):

600 gr filetto di cervo,
6 spicchi aglio in camicia,
40 gr confettura mirtillo rosso,
brodo vegetale,
gemme di abete bianco,
olio extravergine d'oliva del Garda trentino,
bacche di ginepro,
sale e pepe qb, 7 cl. Gin,
8 cl vino rosso,
30 gr mosto uva marzemina,
fecola di patate,
farina 00

Ingredienti per la polenta di patate:

500 gr patate,
60 gr farina per polenta "Valle del Chiese",
15 gr farina 00,
50 gr formaggio Spressa dellla Rendena,
50 gr Trentingrana,
50 gr formaggio Vezzena di lavarone,
50 gr formaggio 50/50 latte vaccino e latte di capra,
sale e pepe qb,
mezza cipolla,
25 gr olio extravergine d'oliva del Garda trentino

Procedure for finferle mushrooms:
Clean finferle; sauté with oil and onion, salt, pepper and cook 10 minutes.
Add parsley when cooked. 

Procedure for the deer gravy:
Clean the deer fillet, removing the fat and clippings which will be used to prepare the deer gravy. 
Heat the oil with two cloves of garlic, juniper and two sprigs of silver fir buds. Add the clippings and any bones, and brown well, skim off the fatty liquid and sprinkle with flour. 
Bathe with Gin and red wine, let evaporate and cover with vegetable broth; put in oven at 180°C for 20 minutes, then filter, season with salt, add the marzemina grape must and add potato starch up to desired density. 

Procedure for the potato polenta
Peel and dice the potatoes. Then boil in salted water.
Mash the potatoes and heat on the burner. Then add the flours and the onion which was previously browned in oil; cook for 20 minutes.
Blend in the diced cheese and cook for 10 more minutes.