Praline di formaggio di malga al cuore di Vino Santo
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Mountain dairy cheese pralines with Vino Santo centers



400 gr di formaggio semistagionato in 8 fette da 50 gr l’una
100 gr di Vino Santo
2 uova
50 gr farina
4 gr agar agar
Latte qb
Pane grattugiato qb
Farina fine di mais
Noci del Bleggio
Mostarda di zucchine e pere
Olio per friggere

Bring two spoonfuls of water with the agar agar to a boil, then add them to the Vino Santo; pour them into approx. 10 g moulds the shape of your choice and place in freezer so they can be handled more easily later on.
In a non-stick pan, lightly heat up the slice of cheese to the point where it can be moulded. Place the agar agar shapes at the center of the slice and wrap it up with the cheese flaps. Place in fridge. 
Now prepare the batter using the egg, the milk and the flour and in a bowl add the corn flour, the breadcrumbs and the lightly chopped walnuts. Place the pralines in the batter first and then coat them properly in the bread mix.
Fry the pralines in hot oil for about 20 seconds and place them in a warm place (but not too warm - agar agar melts at 80°C). 
Serve at the centre of the plate surrounded by the two kinds of mostarda and toasted walnut meats.

The sapidity and the fragrance of mountain herbs and flowers of the mountain dairy cheese blends well with the sweetness of the Vino Santo of the Valle dei Laghi.
Recipe presented on the occasion of the ‘Chef on the Road’ contest held during the Trentino Wine Festival by chef Fiorenzo Varesco of the restaurant ‘Osteria Storica Morelli’