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Romantic biscuits

Altro non è che una specie di frittata dolce, sminuzzata, un dolce povero a base di latte, uova e farina da gustare a fine pasto. Il classico dessert della nonna, che con poco fa contenti tutti, arricchito da confettura, mele o gelato per le occasioni più importanti.


    • 200ml latte
    • 200g farina 0
    • 2 uova
    • una spruzzata grappa trentina
    • 2 cucchiai di zucchero
    • Per guarnire
    • Zucchero a velo
    • Confettura di mirtillo rosso (o di ribes rosso) oppure mele cotte e gelato al fiordilatte oppure crema di nocciole

    Per la versione Gluten Free sostituire la farina di 0 con farina di riso


    Whisk the Botìro di Primiero di Malga brought to room temperature with the icing sugar, add the aromas such as vanilla, orange and lemon peels, and then slowly stir in the eggs. Add to this the flour mixed with the yeast, the dehydrated cranberries, the wild caraway (carèz) and the corn flakes previously crushed by hand. Mix everything with an electric mixer or by hand until everything is nicely blended.

    Transfer the mixture to a sac à poche and deposit two ropes of dough on a baking paper-lined tin.

    Place the tin in the freezer for a couple of hours to help the dough keep its shape, then bake in the oven at 175°C for 20 minutes.

    Once cooled, cut the ropes to make biscuits about 1 cm thick. Put them on a cookie tin and place them back in the oven at 175°C for 8-9 minutes so as to make them crispier and more golden.

    Excellent when enjoyed together with a good herbal tea made by the Az. Ag. Erborì.

    Did you know?

    This biscuit is a modern recipe stemming from Davide’s imagination and passion for the flavours of his homeland and that has driven him to establish numerous partnerships with local producers, such as with the Caseificio di Primiero town dairy and with Erborì.

    The Botìro di Primiero di Malga, a mountain meadow butter made from raw cream, makes this biscuit even more special. We suggest you put a few butter sticks in the freezer in summer so as to have this yellow gold available in small quantities for a whole year of tasty recipes.

    The procedure is the traditional one for biscuits, i.e. baked twice, as the name (bis-cuit, twice baked) suggests.

    ‘Romantic’, instead, is the adjective derived from the town of Mezzano where the Lucian Pastry Shop is located, in honour of ‘Mezzano Romantica’ that has led this town to be named one of the most beautiful towns of Italy (Borghi Più Belli d‘Italia).

    Recipe created and baked by
    Davide Lucian, Pasticceria Lucian – Mezzano (Primiero)

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