Agritur Maso Kofler
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Agritur Maso Kofler

Agritur Maso Kofler

The farm was built before the 1960s and was originally used for iron working. In 2010 the property passed to the Kofler Martinelli family, giving it the name of Maso Kofler, to carry on the traditions of the Tyrolean farms and preserve their origins.
Today the farm can count on hectares of land cultivated with fields and orchards which are preserved by our family with love and dedication to nature and biodiversity.
We manage three apartments, intimate and cozy, which are located near the farm, the restaurant and the vegetable garden.
Organic for us is not a fashion, but has always been a lifestyle: it means living according to nature with respect for land and for people.
The restaurant is a simple and welcoming place. Here you can eat well and socialize, too. Yes, because in our restaurant you can also come to chat, to feel good.
In meals you will find genuine flavors and respect for the land. They are made with "good, clean and fair" seasonal ingredients that come from our organic farm and from other farms that follow our principles.
Near the restaurant there is our vegetable garden where we grow different types of vegetables and fruit, aromatic herbs, medicinal herbs, berries, and where our chickens make eggs


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