Locanda delle Tre Chiavi
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Locanda delle Tre Chiavi

Locanda delle Tre Chiavi was founded in December 6, 1997, in premises that once belonged to Cantine Spagnolli, on the idea that  ​​catering was the cultural expression of Sergio Valentini and his partner Annarita.

Distinct features of the facility are the warm ambiance yielded by the particular lighting system, designed to give off light as if it was provided by candles, and the many bottles showcased in a manner intended to marry the idea of good wine and good food.

Sergio Valentini, the restaurant’s owner, wanted to create a gourmet nest of sorts that served mostly as a “tasting restaurant”; hence, the careful selection of recipes prepared with utmost attention: raw ingredients paired with the most suitable wines.

Orario di apertura:
da martedì a venerdì dalle 19.30 alle 22.30
sabato dalle 12.00 alle 15.00 e dalle 19.30 alle 22.30
domenica dalle 12.00 alle 15.00

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Orario di chiusura:
domenica sera e lunedì tutto il giorno 

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