Trilogia di carne salada - Asparago, mela, broccolo-
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Carne Salada trilogy



Kg. 0,280 Carne salada
Lt. 0,050  Olio extra vergine di oliva Garda Trentino
Kg. 0,020 Crema di broccolo di Torbole
Kg. 0,040 Mele Golden a brunoise
Kg. 0,150 Crema di broccolo di Torbole
Kg. 0,080  Formaggio Trentingrana
Kg. 0,080  Ricotta
Kg. 0,050  Ricotta affumicata
Lt. 0,020   Panna fresca
Kg. 0,040  Scaglie di Vezzena semistagionato
Kg. 0,040  Asparagi di Zambana
Erba cipollina
Succo di Limone qb
Salsa citronette qb 
Sale, pepe qb 

Carne Salada trilogy: classical carpaccio of Carne Salada with Zambana asparagus and petals of Vezzena cheese, tartare of Carne Salada with Golden apples and dumpling filled with two ricottas on a bed of Torbole broccoli cream

1st stage

For the tartare:
With a knife cut up 120 g of Carne Salada, add the lemon juice and a drop of Garda extra virgin olive oil and blend well. Season the peeled and diced brunoise style apples with Garda evo oil and some citronette sauce.
Using a food-moulding ring about 2.5 cm in diameter, form small medallions.
For the dumpling:
Pass the two Ricotta cheeses through a sieve, add Trentingrana cheese and fresh cream and mix everything with a spoon until the right consistency is achieved.
Cut four thin slices of Carne Salada, arrange them on a flat surface and using a pastry bag place a dab of ricotta at the centre of each one; close the slice at the top as if it were a dumpling and tie with a leaf of chives, then place the broccoli cream underneath the dumpling in the dish.
For the carpaccio:
Cut four thin slices of Carne Salada and arrange them on the plate. Decorate with the asparagus and the Vezzena cheese petals, polish with Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil. 

2nd stage

Position in the plate the spoon with the tartare, the dumpling on the broccoli cream and the carpaccio, and decorate to taste.

The recipe was presented on the occasion of "Chefs without frontiers" contest by Simone Pedrolli of the IFPA (Vocational Institute for Hotel Management) of Levico Terme.