Agritur Ciasa dò Parè
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Agritur Ciasa dò Parè

Family style welcoming!

Osteria Contadina
One of those destination to jot down in your book and share with friends. At Agriturismo Ciasa dò Parè, you will find excellent traditional cuisine, which offers many products made in-house and locally, as well as flavours and scents of Ladin dishes. Goat and beef milk cheese produced by Alessandro and Aurora with milk of cows and goats grazing in the meadows surrounding the farm are all organic-certified and definitely worth a try.

Formaggi vaccini biologici

Formaggi caprini biologici

Miele e confetture

L'agriturismo è aperto tutto l'anno.
L'Osteria, per la quale consigliamo la prenotazione, è aperta dalle 11.30 alle 15.00 e dalle 18.30 alle 23.00