Agritur Maso Pra' Cavai
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Agritur Maso Pra' Cavai

Agritur Maso Prà Cavai, managed by the Brocchetti family, is located in the heart of Bleggio Superiore, in Trentino, very close to Ponte Arche and its renowned Terme di Comano.

The farmstead is a small family-run farm and features all the beauties and peculiarities of the valley, completely surrounded by luscious green and in close contact with nature, it is the ideal starting point for many walking trails running between the countryside and woods.

Agritur Maso Prà Cavai offers a family and quiet setting. Where nature, warmth and kindness seamlessly blend to create your  ideal rural mountain holiday. A sense of hospitality whose aim is to satisfy you with highest professionalism at a great price.