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Azienda Agricola Maso Grener

In the Trentino tradition, the “Maso” (farmstead) is the home of the peasant family.
After years of research, we have found in the hills of Pressano the right place to nurture our dream. An old farm surrounded by precious vineyards, facing Valle dell’Adige and, beyond, the Dolomites.

Maso Grener's wine was born in Pressano.

It is the offspring of our family’s life journey, made of desires, choices, hardship and rewards.
It is the offspring of precious land which can yield wines rich of character and longevity.
It is the offspring of “know-how” in the vineyard and artisanal care in the cellar.

We produce wine: harvesting and new wine made only with Maso Grener’s grapes is the greatest satisfaction we share with our guests and friends. Every year.

Vini, tra cui:

vini bianchi: Chardonnay Vigna Tratta Trentino DOC , Sauvignon Vigna Tratta Trentino DOC, Bianco Maso Grener

vini rossi: Pinot Nero Vigna Bindesi Trentino DOC

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