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Grigolli Bruno

Since 1800, the Grigolli family has been handing over peasant tradition and viticulture, breeding cattle, producing cheese and butter, cultivating wheat and tobacco and producing wine for family use only. Oenologist Bruno Grigolli tells this story today through his wines, enhancing the land through vineyards, climate and oenological practices, treating everything with great passion.

The Winery is located above the settlement of ​​Mori Vecchio, an area highly dedicated to viticulture and production of excellent red wines. The vineyards are fields nestled between terraces stolen with efforts from the woodland surrounding the village. Cabernet Sauvignon - Franc and Merlot are grown with the simple  Guyot method. The favorable microclimate of Lower Vallagarina, with its considerable temperature variance between day and night, and exposure to Southeast, helps strengthen grape skin, making aromas more intense and allowing perfect maturation.

Vini, tra cui:

vini bianchi: Traminer Aromatico Igt Vallagarina, Chardonnay Igt Vallagarina 

vini rossi: Erminio - Igt Vallagarina Cabernet Franc, Germano-Trentino DOC Cabernet Sauvignon , Noal - Trentino DOC Merlot, Trilogia - Trentino DOC Rosso, Dumalis - Igt Vallagarina Rosato

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