Traminer aromatico
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Traminer aromatico

Traminer grapes are used only for vinification and not as table grapes. As regards the origins of the variety, it is most probably the result of the crossing of wild grape varieties from central and central-eastern Europe.

The term "aromatico" underlines the intensity of the fragrance and taste of this wine obtained from grapes by the same name, cultivated in hilly areas well exposed to sunlight.
The bunches of grapes, small and with a truncate conical shape have rosy color with a sweet and very aromatic flavor.

Tasting notes
A rather deep straw yellow.
Intense, persistent, spicy, with obviour notes of cloves and orange blossom.
Particularly smooth and balanced, with an intense, aromatic persistence.
Food and wine pairing
It pairs well with all kinds of crustaceans, white meats and cooked cheeses.
Serving temperature
10-12° C.