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The grapes originally came from the Bordeaux area in France, but they found a favourable habitat in the hilly areas of Trentino. It expresses its character through pleasant sensations and full flavour.
Crushed Merlot grapes are left to macerate for about 10 days, and during this period they are repeatedly pressed every day to ensure the extraction of the colouring substance and of the tannins which are essential elements of a great red such as Merlot. After the first decanting, the wine is aged in barriques and in large oak casks.

Tasting notes
Ruby red.
Fruity with a slightly herbaceous note.
Dry with a pleasingly bitter aftertaste.
Food and wine pairing
It gives the best matched with pasta dishes, barbecued meats, ripe cheeses and middle courses.
Serving temperature
18° C.