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"Where Garda meets the Dolomites" The Comai family, winemakers for four generations, manage the vineyards, located in the villages of Arco, Tenno and Riva del Garda where the farm and the cellar are located. The company produces its own grapes obtained with the organic management of the vineyards for the production of white and red wines both from local varieties, in particular the Rebo and from international varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Traminer aromatico and Merlot.

From 2017 Marco and Andrea Comai at the end of their studies and experiences in other important wineries, decided to give substance to their dream: to enhance the viticulture of the Alto Garda going to vinify the grapes of the areas most suited to the territory as the hill of Tenno for the white wines and the warm slopes of the "Busa" for structured red wines. In 2018 begins the marketing of the first wines fully produced in the winery.

For about two years Marco and Andrea have started working in the family farm, with great courage and competence are investing in the future of their territory. From the Casaliva olives, a native cultivar, they produce a high quality organic extra virgin olive oil.

After several years of experience in the oil mill Andrea, has decided to join forces with Marco and to give a new face to the company that for generations in the Alto Garda grow vineyards, olive groves and breed bees. The management of Comai lands is done only with the organic farming method. And the farm revolves around their farm that offers the opportunity to stay and taste their fantastic products.

The oil we obtain is the result of centuries-old plants grown on the hilly slopes of the "Busa" specifically in the Roncaglie-Dom sub-area, the olives are harvested by hand thanks to pneumatic facilitators and cold-pressed by the evening of the same day, then follows the filtration and storage with inert gas. This allows the freshness and integrity of the aromas and the organoleptic characteristics to be maintained over a long period.

The bees are bred mainly in the area of Ceole (Arco) where Acacia honey and spring millefiori are collected, in the month of May the beehives are brought to the mountains in the area of "Campi" for the collection of chestnut honey.

Vini tra cui:
- Busat Bianco (cuveè di Chardonnay, Müller Thurgau e Sauvignon)
- Busàt Rosè (cuveè di Schiava e Merlot)
- Busat Rosso (cuveè di Rebo e Merlot)
- Sauvignon blanc
- Chardonnay
- Rebo

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