Casolét della Val di Sole
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Casolét of Val di Sole

Typical full fat milk cheese

The summer mountain pastures of Val di Sole give a typical soft, raw texture cheese called Casolétdella Val di Sole. Protected by the Slow Food Presidium, Casolét is traditionally produced using raw milk and is consumed fresh.
It is fragrant of summer pasture herbs with light or slightly hay-coloured paste, rare eyes and smooth rind.
Casolèt comes from the Latin word "caseolus" meaning small cheese, and indeed the more traditional whole cheeses still today have a heel measuring about 7-12 cm and 10-22 cm in diameter, with a total weight of just under 1 kg. Once it was produced only in autumn, when the cattle had already come back down from the mountain pastures and daily milking was scarce; it was the home-made cheese par excellence, reserved mostly for the family and to be eaten in winter months.
The raw materials used are: raw milk from one or two milkings, calf rennet and salt.
The rennet is added to the raw milk; after separation, the curd is drained of the whey and placed in moulds. On the day after, it is kept under salt for about six hours.
Casolét has a delicate and sweet flavour and is suitable for all palates. It is ideal in the preparation of savoury pies and of rustic omelettes.