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Golden Delicious D.O.P.

The apple par excellence

Golden Delicious is the apple par excellence. It is the most cultivated in Europe and the favourite of Italian families: more than 50% of all apples purchased belong to this variety. Golden Delicious has found in Val di Non and in Val di Sole its best habitat, to the point where its cultivation takes up 70% of total apple production. Sweet and crunchy and yellow, the mountain climate gives it its extraordinary organoleptic and shelf life characteristics that make it unmistakable. The temperature fluctuations between day and night favour the onset of the famous ‘little red face’ that is the guarantee of its origins and of its tasty quality.

Colour: yellow, of varying intensity.

Special features: “rosette”, a pinkish tinge normally present on the fruits growing in mountain areas and more exposed to the sun.

Forma: truncated cone.

Flesh: very fine grain, white or cream coloured, fresh, firm and crunchy.

Taste: medium-sweet, extraordinarily satisfying thanks to its balanced flavour.

Harvested: between 15 September and 15 October.

Shelf life: easily preserved, available all year round.

Suggestions: excellent eaten raw with or without the skin. 

Indicated for the preparation of fruit salads and fruit fantasies, perfect at the end of a meal.