Groppello di Revò
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Groppello di Revò

Il vino Groppello della Val di Non

Often mistaken for the more famous Groppello wines of the Brescia side of Lake Garda, the Groppello wine of Val di Non is an ancient native variety that has acquired the designation as Protected Geographical Indication (I.G.T.). It is produced from the vineyards cultivated along the shores of Lake Santa Giustina in the towns of Cagnò, Cloz, Revò and Romallo located in the TerzaSponda zone.
History: native cultivar present in the valley since the 16th century; almost extinct due to the massive cultivation of apples, it was rediscovered thanks to the passion of several farmers.
Features: ruby-red wine with purplish hues, highly impacting nose, almost wild hints of herbs and wild berries, tannic with an acidulous vein.
Raw materials: grapes from vines called “groppelli” that describes the shape of a cluster as compact as a knot (from the local dialect term “grop”).
Suggestions: it is a wine that can come young and goes well with the typical dishes of local tradition, or aged and preserves the taste of its historical imprint.
The pomace of this wine is used to produce an excellent grappa with intense fragrance and taste that is at the same time dry, fresh and pleasant.