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Trentino Grappa infusions

as Trentino tradition dictates

In ancient times, in the valleys of Trentino is was customary to prepare natural infusions for medicinal and therapeutic purposes using officinal ingredients such as berries, roots, flowers, fruit and resins.
Starting from the idea of restoring and valorising our ancestors’ culture, after careful study several small laboratories have started to research the products that could perpetuate the spirit of bygone times, with focus on high quality and craftsmanship.
The results are the natural infusions with great beneficial and digestive qualities made with Trentino Grappa with Stone Pine (Cirmolo) resin, Mountain Cumin, wild Prunes, Gentian, toasted Anterivo Lupine, Blueberry, Wild Rose and Mountain Pine resin.
Each single ingredient is hand picked and carefully selected according to season and with respect for nature thanks to the authorisation of the Autonomous Province of Trento.