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Lagrein is a wine made of the variety by the same name, found mostly in Campo Rotaliano. The grapes are used both for rosèvinification (kretzer) and for red vinification (dunkel), generating two different products: the first is fresher and more immediate, the other is decidedly more bodied and structured.
More specifically, LagreinDunkel is a nicely textured red wine, pleasing and stimulating thanks to its marked personality and to the continuing evolution of the aromas that evoke wild berry jams and spice.
It is an authoritative red indicated to accompany savoury dishes, although it can be equally enjoyable as meditation wine, especially after a few years of ageing.

Tasting notes
The "kretzer" is rosé, while the dark ranges from deep ruby to garnet red.
Delicate with pleasant fruity, vanilla and violet aromas.
Fresh and elegant, with light almond notes the rosé; more austere and richer the red.
Food and wine pairing
The "kretzer" variety is much appreciated in the summer and pairs excellently with baccalà (salt cod) stew; contrariwise, the richter darker variety is better matched with roast lamb or suckling goat.
Serving temperature
14-16° C., the rosé.
18° C., the red.