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Alpine summer pasture on your plate

Un antipasto creativo


  • Crauti
  • Cumino
  • Cipolla
  • Miele
  • Finferli
  • Patata
  • Cher de Fascia
  • Salsiccia
  • Polenta di storo

Instructions for use (that is, we give you some hints but mainly just rely on your imagination!)
A “meadow” of sauerkraut: heat the sauerkraut with chopped onion, cumin and honey, spread out on the serving platter as if it were grass.
The mushrooms: decorate the meadow with the tasty finferli mushrooms sautéed with onions.
The well: a potato carved into the shape of a well, boiled, filled with melted Cher de Fascia cheese, warmed up by bain-marie method. 
The woodpile: coils of grilled sausage.
Cows: Storo type polenta cooked 40 min., poured out and left to cool, then cut into cow shapes. 
This is our idea, but you can let your imagination run free, just remember that if you use products from the Trentino area, beside being beautiful your summer pasture will be delicious!  
If you liked our idea and would like to give it a try, create your own “Alpine summer pasture on your plate”, take a photo